Part 2 – Intimacy

Part 2 – Intimacy

Project 1 – Detailed observation of natural objects

Before starting this project, I relected on some of the media that I have used to date and enjoyed the start I made with coloured pencils.


I also noted that after using charcoal for the first time on this course this is a medium that I like working with.  Despite the difficulties I encountered with my first assignment, I love using pastels and in particular oil pastels – but will look at using them with more care and experiment with washes made with turpentine and also baby oil.

I have not to date experimented with wet media except for ink – I love watercolours and will also experiment with gouache (I have to buy some as I only have white!). I also think acrylics and charcoal are an interesting combination to explore.

Assignment 1 tutor feedback asked me to check out Jenny Saville (charcoal drawings), Henry Moore (Intense tone), Graham Sutherland (Use of ink, gouache and pastel), John Piper (use of frottage, ink, gouache and pastel), William Kentridge (Expressive mark-making) – also the Jerwood online catalogues. I have already started studying these artists and made a few drawings, sketches using their styles – I will continue to do so. I have also added to this list David Hockney early drawings (pencil drawings of still lifes), Edouard Vuillard (still life/interior paintings and drawings) and Alberto Giacometti (Interiors drawings and paintings).

During the still life section of Part 2 I wanted to concentrate on flowers and fruit and used this as the basis of my detailed observation of natural objects.  I have always been fascinated with flowers and plants!

I started by making detailed drawings of fruit:



The cut pomegranate has a great texture/pattern to draw:


I also tried to use the juice to stamp on the paper but it was too sticky and I had to remove the page!

Finally I made a detailed study of a Protea – a spectacular flower native to South Africa:


In the past I have not always been interested in making very detailed studies of objects, except portraits, but I have to admit I enjoyed making these studies – in particular the Protea. My markmaking and blending of the coloured pencils are improving.



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