Part 4 The figure and the head

Project 2 Proportion – Exercise 1 Quick studies


Charcoal – A2 250g/m2 Mixed media paper


Charcoal – A2 250g/m2 Mixed media paper

I feel very comfortable using charcoal – a medium that I used little in the past.

The above were some quick studies before continuing on to two 10 minute studies. The quick study concentrated on using line and the second batch blocks of charcoal with some added lines.

The comment in the exercise text about ‘drawing over and over until the lines and marks begin to work was interesting and really did work – especially in the drawings below in which you can see some of the original marks that were incorrect – but add a dynamic to the finished images…


Compressed charcoal on 250g Mixed media paper



Compressed charcoal on 250g mixed media paper

Whilst there were some inaccuracies in my line work, in general I placed the figure well within the sofa and actually achieved a good likeness (in the second) – the first image gave my wife a beard!


These were predominantly line drawings which did give a sense of space and depth by added small details of the sofa.  I did not have to do much measuring and felt that the proportions worked (rough measurements give overall body height approx. 6x the head – possibly up to 7 times )

I think it showed in the drawings that I enjoy working on figures/portraits.



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