Part 4 The figure and the head

Project 2 Proportion – Exercise 2 A longer study

I especially enjoyed this longer pose of my wife watching TV…


Willow and compressed charcoal on Strathmore Charcoal paper 95g – 12 x 18″


Once again I have a achieved a good sense of space and used a wide range of tones to depict form.  The drawing is in fact a good likeness and I had to use foreshortening in her left arm and legs. Darkening the background allowed me to model the outline of the face which was in the light – without resorting to line.

The surface was easy to work but I had trouble in smudging the willow charcoal which insisted in maintaining a flat even tone – I had to use compressed charcoal to increase the depth of the darker tones.

In answering the questions in the exercise:

I have captured the pose well and used an interesting perspective – standing over the model with light from the RHS.

The weight and presence I feel were ok and using details of the sofa placed the model well. The weight of fabric was good and reflected the fall/behaviour of this tea-shirt type material around the figure.

The arms were a little clumsy and lacked clear outlines. I will work on this further during this part of the course. I need to pay more attention to the structure of the body – the bones – skeletal landmarks etc,



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