Mes: julio 2018

Part 5 The personal project

Reflection on tutor feedback

For this final assignment I submitted three drawings related to the urban landscape. They were broadly influenced by the work of Leon Kossoff and in particular his Arnold Circus series. I was pleased with the comments received by my tutor and will use them as a guide for future work and for formal assessment.

Drawing 1 – The main avenue

The mark making you use to suggest the movement of the cars works quite well. Being economical with detail has helped emphasise the vehicles in motion. This also applies to the figures that are suggested to the left……..Compositionally it is well balanced with a good use of perspective. I also like the use of a limited palette with vivid colour only used sparingly in certain areas.

Using the work of Leon Kossoff was always going to be a risk in this last assignment as there is a lack of fine detail in his work – relying more on observation and expressive use of line with limited colour. I worked hard on my expressive mark-making and use of a wide range of media throughout the course and this has shown through in this work.

Drawing 2 – Plaza de las armas

The figures are well rendered with subtle suggestions of movement. The use of shadow is strong and effective and there is some delicate linear detail where you describe the building in the background and the lamp post to the left.

I have always liked images with people and movement, and this was an opportunity to include elements that I enjoy rendering. Leon Kossoff has many figures included in his works – some hidden, or made with light gestures – others more obvious. He also includes subjects that he has used for portraits and figure works – even family members.

Drawing 3 – Terminal O’Higgins

You use a slightly lighter touch here and the results are quite effective. You are
allowing the linear qualities of charcoal and pastel to inform the results and avoiding too much blending – except to suggest shadows. Again, the moving vehicles and figures are well described with subtle, fragmented mark making….You have made some strong preliminary work for this piece. The bold pencil sketches work very well, they have a real confidence.

I enjoyed the preliminary work for both this and the main avenue drawing. I now realise more than before the effect of better preparation and sketchbook work to influence the outcome and quality of the final pieces.

There were some obvious points that I will need to improve upon such as:

  • Avoid overworking – step back more and think about what benefit or effect additional marks and layers will have on the final outcome.
  • Observe more closely the forms/elements of the scene before making rapid energetic marks – if necessary make more detail sketches prior to final drawings.

Sketchbooks/Learning log

It is good to see you using your sketchbook more rigorously, making some lively,
energetic studies of your local environment – this has helped you develop your ideas
for your final project. Your quick sketches are confident with an active quality of line that is engaging.

I worked hard on my sketchbook work and the learning log – I will continue to develop this further to reinforce future coursework.