Etiqueta: Marker pen

Part 2 Intimacy

Project 3 – At Home

Exercise 1 Quick sketches around the house

This was an enjoyable exercise but I found that I was limited to the lounge and bedroom of my house due to the other areas uninteresting or too tight a space to draw in.

I used a 2mm permanent black artist marker pen which I found reasonably expressive and meant that I had to keep all the marks without erasing.  I made the sketches A2 size on Daler Rowney smooth cartridge paper 150g.


I then moved on to the lounge…



I found the lounge much more interesting, the other two corners included a door to the kitchen and a fairly blank corner. So remaining with the second image, I experimented with a little colour.


Exercise 2 Composition – an interior

I then looked at my compositions and tried various cropped portrait formats of the colour image above…


I liked the LH crop best and my use of a large 8mm permanent marker – both sketches were A2 size on smooth cartridge paper.

I also made a colour copy of this crop…


I then decided that I had not quite followed the brief correctly and made a few more sketches moving around a little – also experimenting with more media – this time childrens ‘Tempera’ paints…

Chosen image to carry forward….

More dramatic foreshortening perspective – more potential

Exercise 3 Material Differences

After choosing my composition, I decided to move ahead using the children’s tempera paint as a background, black expressive marker pen outlines/deep shadows etc, finishing with 6B pencil and soft pastel highlights.  Nearly all of the sketches were made in the evening with only interior wall lighting – which made a cosy intimate environment (but a difficult lighting to actually work in).

Final drawing…


The final drawing was executed on A2 smooth cartridge paper 150g. I was extremely pleased with the outcome and the combination of materials. On occasions I was too loose with my lines but on the whole I was able to combine expressive mark making with good tonal rendition.  The white spaces help to keep the viewers eye moving around the image whilst the central focal point is balanced by the ornaments on the table and the white spaces – lamp, cushions and space to the right of the table (the RH vase should have been a little more to the right). Once again (I made a similar mistake in Assignment 1) the floor lines were badly executed and I did not follow the closed in perspective chosen for other elements in the drawing – however black marker pen is impossible to remove!

I sat in front of the drawing for quite a long time and made several final observations/adjustments for instance: reflections in the TV, reflections on the table, deeper shadows in pen and pencil, highlights in yellow soft pastel.