Etiqueta: Positive and negative space

Part 2 Intimacy

Research point – Positive and negative space

For this research I checked out the work of Gary Hume, Patrick Caulfield and also encountered the work of Elsworth Kelly (an American minimalist artist) who also created some interesting positive and negative artworks.

After looking at the work of these artists I decided to make some thumbnail sketches and ideas – copying and imitating their work.  See below:

After starting my thumbnail sketches – trying to imitate paintings by Patrick Caulfield – I realised just how difficult it is to make a satisfactory image – for me the RH middle sketch was my most successful.

I then made some more sketches from works by Ellsworth Kelly and Gary Hume:


Again it was very clear to me that these artists used their substantial experience and skill in the composition of their paintings and in their minimal use of colour. I will return to their work again when experimenting in my sketchbook and in the following still life exercises within Part 2.