Etiqueta: Temporary drawings

Part 1 Form and Gesture

Part 1 Form and Gesture

Exercise 1

Warm-up – Temporary drawings

This warm-up exercise was to show the idea of drawing as something fleeting, expressive and playful.

Examples of these type of drawings are:

  • Drawing on a misted up car window
  • Drawing in the dirt or dust left on a dirty car
  • Drawing with sauce left on a plate
  • Water sprayed/ directed onto a pavement
  • Painting with water on paper
  • Dropping a coil of hose on the ground to make patterns
  • Drawing in the sand

All of these drawings would change in time – due to environmental factors, weather, human intervention – some more rapidly than others giving another more dynamic perspective to the idea.

I liked the idea of temporary drawings because it made me think about drawing in a non traditional way – not just a pencil sketch in a drawing pad – the idea that it can be fun and physical.

I experimented with a water hose on a patio and also used the hose itself to make a temporary pattern/drawing.


At the end of a lunch I enjoyed a chocolate tart with orange sauce and used the leftover sauce to make a abstract pattern.


At the beach, I made a video of my temporary sand drawings at the waters edge. The video can be seen using this Google+ link :

I decided to finish the exercise with a picture drawn with just water on coloured paper using a straw, a paint brush and an old credit card.


The water started to dry very quickly and with it the effects created.  I also liked the way the credit card worked and will use that as a painting/drawing implement in future work.

In conclusion I thought the exercise a great start to the course!