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Part 4 The figure and the head

Project 6 Exercise 2 – Your own head

Another interesting and very enjoyable exercise – I placed a large mirror in front of me and had to make my drawings in the evening with an absence of natural light.  The light was from my left reflected against the wall using a bright LED spotlight. In addition there was light from above to give me light to work.

These were my quick studies and the larger one on the right looked a bit like my nephew – so starting to get a likeness. I omitted to measure – just drawing fast.



To achieve a better likeness, I drew a construction in my sketchbook based on the guides on page 109 of the course notes:


I used my pencil to take measurements of key features of my face in front of the mirror.

This then helped in making my second self-portrait – this time in pencil and watercolour:


Watercolour is a medium that I love and want to develop further in POP1 if possible (alongside gouache/indian ink) – this portrait is a good likeness and it helped having the measurements. My wife and other colleagues at work all confirmed this for me.

The portrait benefitted from good lighting, and my use of pencil (4B) and watercolour with limited palette worked well – I was too heavy with the pencil around the mouth and the area around my Adams apple did not look natural. I do not have curly hair but this is artists licence!


Part 4 The figure and the head

Project 6 The head Exercise 1 Facial Features

For this exercise I cut out various elements from magazines – mostly fashion type images and stuck them in my sketchbook. I then drew some elements before making a couple of head drawings based on my own head looking in a mirror.



Then I compared a few images of eyes drawn/painted by Picasso – the master of eyes and creativity….

What a variety of different styles and mediums! An example that there really is no limit – the limit is your own imagination.

My drawings of a couple of self portraits:

They were not big as I drew them in my A5 sketchbook.

The first in pencil and the second using Prismacolor marker pens. I then made a blind contour drawing:


I did not use any form of measurement in these drawings and that was the reason they did not really look like me. They do however represent the head in a believable form.