Etiqueta: travel


I have been making a big effort to use my sketchbooks whilst away from home and when studying. Using the sketchbook is difficult everyday for me with work commitments but I will continue to find a routine where this is possible.

During my recent trips to Europe and Bolivia, I made several rapid sketches in a small pocket sketchbook (which I love) – occasionally also using my A5 sketchbook as well.

I have been using a papermate ballpoint pen and a Faber Castell propelling HB pencil with rubber which I find very convenient when travelling.

Small sketchbook studies:

Street Corner Dusseldorf (May 2017)
Bike on the bridge Dusseldorf (May 2017)
View from the window Dusseldorf (May 2017)

La Paz Bolivia has many features to draw/paint but the altitude (aprox. 4.000m – 12,000ft above sea level) is oppresive!

Plaza Murillo La Paz Bolivia (May 2017)
Plaza Murillo La Paz Bolivia (May 2017)

My plane was delayed due to fog on my return journey so I was able to make many rapid sketches of the people also waiting in the airport:

Boarding the plane La Paz Bolivia (May 2017)
Plane delayed La Paz Bolivia (May 2017)
People watching La Paz Bolivia (May 2017)

I enjoy sketching people and street corners – particularly where movement, transport etc is concerned – I have also noted that I like street signs, traffic lights, directions etc – perhaps a connection to my travels which I started at the age of just 18 visiting all corners of the earth – something that I have never really stopped!

Street Corner Dusseldorf (May 2017)
Yellow cable car La Paz Bolivia (May 2017)